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BAGMG is a new group for bookkeepers and accountants in any country and at any level who want to be successful in business. It's filled with lots of tools and learning resources and is completely FREE!

BAGMG is sponsored by @Assist Toki (All-in-One Practice and Workflow Management). Check it out here. By sponsoring a community, we get to understand the wants and needs of the people who do this job day-to-day and make something that you can actually use day-to-day. Simple!

All members of BAGMG will receive a FREE account on @Assist Toki which will remain free for life (as long as you're a member of this group).

Toki is a new product from the company that Google recognized for building an innovative all-in-one solution called @Assist Sugu for property managers including an easy-to-understand anti-accounting accounting feature that made managing financials a whole lot easier.

As Toki is just starting, there are tons more great features to come. As a member of this group, you'll get to tell us what you need, what you like (and don't like), and what you want - what you really really want. View the up-to-date feature list and upcoming feature list here.

In addition to awesome workflow software, you'll also get access to an elite and cool group of people that each kick bottom in their own unique way. And we'll be bringing in lots of professionals and free resources for you to learn from to make your business the success it should be.

Once again, this group is meant for all bookkeeping and accounting professionals at any level of designation who want to learn, advise, ask questions, network and share relevant industry content. We encourage people at all stages to be a part of this group whether they're just getting started or are a seasoned pro.

1) Please refrain from posting spam, ads or promotional posts, unless they have been approved by an admin beforehand.
2) Please always be kind and respectful of others. We would like to foster a community of support so if you have questions about the content you’d like to post, contact an admin by private message.
3) If you feel another group member isn't adhering to the group guidelines or are unhappy with a post or comment, contact an admin by private message.
4) Additionally, if you have requests or specific questions related to your @Assist Toki account, please contact an admin by private message or click on the live chat button from your Toki account.

We need your help to make this group and @Assist Toki a successful and helpful resource for all.

Future Goals:
You may notice some changes and improvements as we continue to grow this group. We will keep everyone informed as things grow and change and we appreciate your patience and your continued membership. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, feel free to post them in the group or contact an admin directly.

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